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20/11/2013        Anonymous

hi , in 2000 when i was 12, i was in uk (im in iran now) and my mothers uncle had pop one night we went to there after that came back to grand mom home i drank and he had sex whit me i didnt say to...

Sexual Abuse

19/11/2013        Kevin

To be brief, I was sexually mutilated by a NHS doctor as a baby at the instructions of my mother because of what could have only been her religious belief. My prepuce (foreskin) was amputated and ...

robbery and held at knife point

17/11/2013        Dawn Lambert

Hi my name is Miss D lambert and i am asking if my daugther who is now 4 is able to claim compenstion for a voilet robbery which involed her my self and her older sister on the 5 of april 2012. it ...

Attacked following a game of pool


on Friday night, my partner and I were playing pool with a bunch of guys who had come down from burnley. Things started to get very nasty as my boyfriend was winning most of the games which they di...

Nightclub attack

07/11/2013        Anonymous

I was in a nightclub with friends. I left the club with one friend and walked about 100 yards from the club when a large group of boys attacked us. They grabbed my friend away and then attacked me,...

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