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Attacked following a game of pool

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on Friday night, my partner and I were playing pool with a bunch of guys who had come down from burnley. Things started to get very nasty as my boyfriend was winning most of the games which they didnt take a liking too. One of the guys who my boyfriend was playing against, decided to shove him out of the way which then resulted in him punching my boyfriend in the head whilst he was sat down. I then tried to stop the fight and the guy punched me in the face which then resulted in me having a swollen, black eye. The suspect ran off, and we decided to call the police to take details of what had happened. I have waited 5 days for police to contact me to tell me what action they are going to take, leaving me feel neglected. Exact place of the incident: The shoe laces, High road, Leyton, London Name of person(s) responsible for your injuries (if known): Ashley Graham State whether this person / these individuals are known to you.: He is unknown to me as I hadnt met him before.