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Never too late to tell.
11/04/2019        Anonymous

Held at knifepoint at building society robbery
20/02/2019        Anonymous

1979 Rule – How is that fair or just?
21/08/2018        Anonymous

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Welcome to the CCB Criminal Injury Claims website

Welcome to the CCB criminal injury claims website. This service is managed by the Criminal Claims Bureau a trading name of MJN Marketing Ltd a business authorised & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

In the UK there is a Government funded agency called the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) that has been set up specifically to administer a compensation scheme for victims of crime. This website provides you with information about the scheme and we can also offer you representation in order to make your claim.

The scheme has very strict eligibility rules which you should be aware of before you consider submitting your claim application:

To make a claim:

  • You must have reported the assault to the police as soon as practicable
  • You must have sought medical attention for your any personal injury
  • You must meet the 2 year deadline criteria
  • You must not have caused or contributed to the “incident” in any way
  • You can claim even if the person committing the assault was not actuallyprosecuted by the police

FGM Cases

Reports to the police of female genital mutilation or FGM cases are on the increase in the UK. This is mainly due to tougher laws protecting victims although much more work has to be done regarding prosecution success rates. It is now a requirement for medical professionals to report signs of female circumcision involving minors under 18 to the authorities. It is possible to pursue compensation for FGM in certain circumstances via the CICA.

Rejected claims

If your claim has been rejected by the CICA you may wish to speak to us about representation during any review or appeal. For those who suffer injury or harm in a crime abroad in an EU state we can also advise you on your right to obtain redress.

Has your claim already been declined?

If your claim has been rejected by the CICA, you may wish to speak to us about representation during any review or appeal. We provide tribunal appeal advice and advocacy ensuring you one expert point of contact throughout your case.

We can help with claims involving a rape assault or historical sexual abuse. Our advisors are also specialists in handling Domestic violence compensation claims.

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