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Sexually Assaulted after a night out

January 20, 2023

Me and my mates were getting ready for a night out to say bye to my best mate, who was leaving town. We got in a taxi and we went to a club called Retro bar, as you can see by the name they played old classic music and was designed to look retro. We ordered our first drinks and went out into the smoking area, when we eventually got to a place to stand i put my bag on the counter to look for my fags, but not knowing the time, i turned to my mate to ask due to us only having 10 minutes to get from Retro bar to Play nightclub as we had free entry and a bottle of vodka if we got there at 11.30pm. As i turned to ask my mate i notice a strange man just starring at me behind her, i didn't really take much notice as i was to interested on knowing the time. When we were leaving the same man who was starring at me was still looking but with this creepy but 'flirtatious' smile on his face, with just a glimpse of his face we was gone. In Play i had totally forgot about this strange looking man in retro, and ordered more and more drinks. On the dance floor we were all drunk and showing of our moves when again i caught a glimpse of this man somewhere in the crowd, but being drunk i didnt take any notice. The night suddenly ended when i got accused of taking my best mates money when i had given it to another mate because she said she wanted it to give to her. we stepped outside of the club and battled my way through being accused by proving i had no money of hers in my purse where she had put it (baring in mind she put it in a safe place in my purse where i had no knowledge where she had put it). Because it was getting heated and tense i walked away from the situation so we could deal with it in the morning when we had all sobered up. By this time tho ii knew exactly what i was doing, where i was and who i was and the drink had started to wear off. Now i have always been told that if i'm going to walk home alone i should always walk on the main roads with my phone in my hand, so i did what i was told and started walking up one of the most busiest road in town. it was 3.15am on the 12th July 2014 when it happened.

About 15 minutes into my walk home a male voice shouted my name, me being me and thinking it was someone who i knew i stopped and turned around to see who it was, no-one was there so i carried on walking then again my name was shouted, but sounded like it was above me so i looked up and that same man i had seen twice was looking down at me with just a creepy smile on his face. A shiver went down my spin and i quickly carried on walking. But not knowing he had ran down from this apartment and started following me. At this time i was trying to get hold of my boyfriend to see if he could meet me as i had a rush on panic after seeing the man three times, but he didn't pick up. As soon as i got of the phone a cold, tensed hand grabbed my arm, i quickly turned around and there he stood with the same smile i had seen all night, i asked what he wanted and for him to let go but his grip tightened as he said the words 'Sex Me'. I knew from that moment he was foreign. iv never had problems with foreign people in my hometown as i had a couple of mates who were foreign. Shocked and petrified i shouted NO but it seemed he didn't know the meaning and repeatedly kept saying "sex me". With panic rushing through my body like no tomorrow he forcefully grabbed me around my waist lifting me up from the gorund, to then grabbing my ass with one had and the other still holding on to me, i was kicking and screaming no. i was then put back on the ground but with one hnd still around me, his lips near my ear, hearing him breath deeply, he quickly tried putting his hand in my knickers but he only got to my pants when i grabbed my phone from the floor and dialed 999, as doing this i showed him the phone and he quickly released me before running off into the distance. He had disappeared by the time the police had picked up, they told me to carry on walking and someone will be with me in a flash. Now going back to were i said i have been taught to stay on the main roads to prevent someone like this happening as someone will properly be around, no-one and i mean no-one was around in the space of it happening, before yes, taxis were driving passed me, i could hear the odd drunk girl shouts, but nothing and no-one was around when i got sexually assaulted. As the shock started to wear off tears were streaming from my eyes, i had no thoughts and felt disguised. I then saw a police car pull up on the otherside of the road, which then i ran over and got in the car, The police officer asked for my name and then called back to the police station to confirm he had picked me up and is about to take me to the station. At the station i gave a statement and rang my mate and the 2 girls i live with to tell them and my boyfriend i was down the station. as my boyfriend and my mates arrived i was in the procedure of my arms being swapped as i had hand marks. i went home and got changed to give the police officer the clothes i was wearing at the time the incident happened.
It has nearly been a month since it happened but it still feels like yesterday. I have been diagnosed with depression and have been proscribed anti-depressants.I find it hard to go into town to do my food shopping unless i am with someone, i have isolated my self in my room for the past 3-4 weeks and haven't stepped out my door for another nightout and i wont be for awhile. The man who did it to me has admitted to 2 of the things he did to me what was grabbing my waist and touching my ass. I am now in the process of waiting for the court hearing what is in November, but knowing he is on bail and not knowing his bail conditions im not taking a risk of going out on my own.
My advice is don,t leave your mates and walk home by yourself just because of a argument, fish out some loose change and get in a taxi, the main roads didn't help me but they could with you. Don't walk home alone walk with a mate or get a taxi!.

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