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Criminal injury claims deadline - CICA Time Limit calculator

CICA claim time limits - too late to claim?

All claims for criminal injury compensation are subject to deadlines. You must ensure you claim wherever possible inside the permitted application period. Find out if your time limit for claiming criminal injuries compensation has expired - use our deadline calculator tool to estimate your application period.

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If you are about to make a criminal injury claim following an assault or sexual crime you need to be aware of the deadline imposed on each claim. The general rule when making a criminal injury claim is that you must submit your application to the official body known as the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (or CICA) within 2 years of the date of the incident / event or the date you notified the police of the crime.

The rule is slightly different when dealing with cases of sexual abuse or sexual assault. If you were a victim of sexual abuse as a child you have 2 years from reaching the age of 18 to make an application if no claim has been made on your behalf as a child. If your case involves a single one off incident you may wish to view our rape assault page.

If the sexual abuse or assault was not reported to the police when you were a child but you have since reported it as an adult, you would have 2 years from the date of reporting to apply for criminal compensation.  This often applies in cases of historical abuse as it can be difficult for victims to come forward.

For any victims under the age of 18 you have until your 20th birthday to submit your application.

What if the 2 year time limit has passed?

Firstly please use our CICA deadline calculator below to work out your case specific time limit.

If a claim is made after the 2 year time limit the CICA will look at the reasons for making a late application.  In some cases the CICA can consider waiving the time limit however the time limits are usually strictly applied. Please read our advice page here which discusses the subject of a delayed claim in more detail.

PLEASE SEEK ADVICE BEFORE YOU CLAIM - we can help in many different cases to manage a delayed application to the CICA but you must speak to us before submitting your claim to avoid damaging your prospects.

There would normally need to be an exceptional reason preventing someone from making a claim within the time limit. For example, a psychological injury where your symptoms are serious enough to have affected your ability to make a claim. It is not reasonable to expect someone with severe health issues to submit a claim within such a short time frame and fortunately the CICA accept this in many instances.

OUT OF TIME FOR CLAIMING? - Get in touch - Many cases can be successfully appealed.

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Time Limit Calculator - work out your CICA deadline

Use our “Claim Time Limit Calculator” here to work out approximately when your deadline for claiming criminal injury compensation might be. How long you have to claim will depend very much on your circumstances. It is strongly recommended that you seek specialist independent advice on your case. The calculator tool provides only a general overview.

Claim Deadline Calculator

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