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This service is managed by the Criminal Claims Bureau. We help victims of crime obtain criminal injuries compensation following assault, abuse or a non-consensual criminal act.

How to obtain injury compensation following a crime

In the UK there is a Government funded body called the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) that has been set up specifically to administer a compensation scheme for blameless victims of crime.

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For help and advice on sexual assault, domestic violence or abuse claims please visit our dedicated pages or call our helpline.

Our updated simple calculator tool below has been created to provide prospective claimants with an idea of the likely compensation award that might be achievable under the CICA scheme. The final calculation is an approximate figure and any final award assessed by the CICA may differ.

Please be aware that the awards quoted apply to the new CICA rules which do not allow payments to be made for certain minor injuries.

In order to calculate your award please choose a category and follow the instructions, be aware that you can select up to 3 separate injuries if appropriate.

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What is sexual abuse?

Sexual abuse is when a child or young person is pressured or tricked into participating in any kind of sexual activity with an adult or another young person. The same definition can be applied to "child sexual abuse" or historical child abuse. Watch our video:

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What is rape?

Rape or non-consensual sex can be defined as sexual activity that you have not agreed to which involves genital or oral penetration.

What is grievous bodily harm (GBH)?

There are generally 3 levels of violence related crime surrounding assault in the UK. "Common assault" where little harm has been caused but the offence is still actionable, Actual bodily harm where an offence has led to as the term suggests, a degree of bodily harm and then at the more severe end greivous bodily harm, or GBH as it is commonly known.

ARE YOU A FOOTBALLER WHO SUFFERED ABUSE? Reports have emerged linking professional clubs to ex-players who were abused by coaching staff. More here on our dedicated sexual abuse in football page

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