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Attacked by a bus stop

Sexual assault        £ 5.500

I was on my way home close to a bus stop. I was approached by two young men. One of them asked where I was from and where… read more

Sexually abused by an elder brother

Sexual abuse        £ 16,500

During the course of a few months when I was around 9 or 10 years old, I was sexually abused by my elder brother. I kept this to… read more

Sexually assaulted in a bar

Sexual assault        £ 2,000

I was in a bar and walked up the stairs to the toilets. I was with a male friend at the time and noticed there was someone behind… read more

Hurt after breaking up a fight

Damaged teeth, Fractured jaw, Temporary numbness to the face        £ 4,625

Whilst waiting for a lift home outside a takeaway a couple walked by. The man became abusive and got involved in a fight with my brother who was… read more

Psychologically injured during an armed robbery at work

Anxiety, Panic attacks        £ 1,000

I was at work when 3 men entered the shop and threatened me and my colleagues with hammers. The men proceeded to rob the shop and fled the… read more

Attacked trying to break up a fight in a nightclub

Broken wrist        £ 4,400

I was in a nightclub and my friend was attacked. Myself and others attempted to pull them apart. I was then jumped on and fell, causing me to… read more

Assaulted whilst on the way to a nightclub

Broken nose, Damaged teeth, Scarring to the head        £ 2,825

I left a nightclub and was on my way to see some friends at another nightclub nearby. The next thing I remember is someone standing above me being… read more

Attacked while at a friends house

Fractured cheekbone, Temporary numbness to the face        £ 2,475

I was sitting in a friend’s house with a group of 14 other people. A commotion broke out when a neighbour came to the door with her son… read more

Pub doorman assaulted whilst working

Deviated nasal septum, Scarring to the face        £ 2,450

I was working as a doorman at a pub. A message was passed on through the radio about a man who had been hitting his wife and to… read more