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Hurt after breaking up a fight

Whilst waiting for a lift home outside a takeaway a couple walked by. The man became abusive and got involved in a fight with my brother who was there at the time.

I attempted to break up the fight. The couple left and we went back into the takeaway.

We left the takeaway to go meet our lift and the couple was on the opposite side of the street. The man became abusive again but we ignored him and carried on walking.

As we crossed the street we noticed a group of men coming towards us. We were both attacked by the group. I was knocked to the ground and was knocked unconscious.

I left a nightclub and was on my way to see some friends at another nightclub nearby.

The next thing I remember is someone standing above me being verbally abusive. I do not remember much about the assault but was told that I was severely kicked in the head.

This is a "real life" victims summary of a recent criminal injury incident that we have dealt with.

I went out to buy a packet of cigarettes from my nearest off-license, as it was the only shop open at that time (around 10pm).

On the way to the shop I saw a group of youths, about 3 or 4 of them outside the shop. I didn’t think much of it as I had shopped there before.

The youths taunted me as I was about to enter the shop and a big lad fell back onto me exiting the premises.  He said I should watch out. I didn’t want to argue with him and continued into the shop.  I purchased my cigarettes and made my way out.

As soon as I got out one of the youths pushed me violently.  I can’t remember which one. I was told they would “fix” my teeth which I assumed meant they would be broken. He also said my little body would be broken.

I walked away from the group and as I turned into my street I decided to look over my shoulder as I had a feeling I was being followed. I was being followed and one of the youths with a bandana covering his face gave chase.

I ran as fast as I could but tripped over. The attacker kicked me repeatedly in the face. I saw my teeth flying out of my mouth. He continued kicking me all over. I felt blows to my ribs, how many I can’t remember. The attacker then stopped and I got up and stumbled home.

We were able to make a successful claim for our client.

Injuries: Four front teeth knocked out and loose teeth

Compensation awarded: £6,100

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We had ordered and were waiting for a taxi. The taxi was not far away so we made our way to the pickup point.

My wife and her friends were walking a few yards behind us when a group of youths used very abusive insulting language towards them.

I turned to inform them that the way they were behaving was out of order. They then began to confront me and my brother verbally. Before I knew it I had been hit from the side.

My brother was in trouble with around 5 or more youths surrounding him. I proceeded to remove my brother from harm when I got kicked from behind to the ground. The youths proceeded to kick and punch me on the ground.

I was in a pub with friends after watching the rugby world cup. Two men were being abusive to us.

One approached me as I was trying to calm the situation down. As the man turned to walk away he swung back and hit me in the mouth.

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