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Domestic violence support

Advice and support for victims of domestic violence

The most difficult decision for a victim of domestic violence to have to make is to finally reach out and seek help

Many people understandably are paralysed and unable to do so because their situation is unbearably complex, they see no benefit in making things worse.

Every situation is different, every relationship is different. Domestic violence rears its head in relationships across the economic spectrum and can be just as common in middle class homes as it is for those on a lower income. The income or the environment may be very different but the pattern of abuse both physical and psychological can be all too familiar. Read how "Clare's Law" may also be able to protect you.

When you make the decision to do something about your situation, it is important to know that help and support is available. Probably the best resource for women on the web is the Survivors Handbook which has been put together by Womens Aid, the victim support charity. The link above will take you to the relevant section of the website and there you will find a comprehensive list of resources covering:

  • Reporting the matter to the police - what happens and whether criminal proceedings are likely.
  • Re-housing and refuge arrangements.
  • Money issues and benefits (DWP).
  • Safeguarding your children.
  • Creating a "Safety Plan" to work through your issues and stay safe as you rebuild your life.

The first step is always the hardest. Only you can make a difference to your life.

But incredible support from people who know what they are doing, is available. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

Further support options

There are many support services available across the UK but it can depend very much on your locality in terms of what actual help and intervention is available. Here are some very useful resources which we would recommend.

Shelter the official charity website.

Refuge The womens charity.

National Domestic Violence Helpline.

You may also be entitled to claim compensation

Our team of compassionate experts can guide you through the process and speak to you in complete confidence. Call us for a no obligation discussion about your case, we will confirm your options and discuss your entitlement to claim. You may wish to calculate your potential rape victim compensation to have an understanding of your legal entitlement.

Stabbing related incidents - If you have been injured following a stabbing please read our dedicated page here.

FGM Cases

Reports to the police of female genital mutilation otherwise known as FGM are on the increase in the UK. This is mainly due to tougher laws protecting victims (Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003) although much more work has to be done regarding prosecution success rates. It is now a requirement for medical professionals to report signs of female circumcision involving minors under 18 to the authorities. It is possible to pursue compensation for FGM in certain circumstances via the CICA.

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