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Psychologically injured during an armed robbery at work

I was at work when 3 men entered the shop and threatened me and my colleagues with hammers. The men proceeded to rob the shop and fled the scene.

This is a recent criminal injury matter involving an ex partner that we have dealt with. The victims summary:

I left my son’s flat to go home but my ex partner got angry with me as he was drunk. He started pushing me then grabbed me really hard and lifted me up practically off the ground and threw me into the road.

He left me there in pain and a taxi driver stopped and phoned for an ambulance.

The police arrived and I was taken to hospital and given pain relief. I gave a statement to the police and went ahead with charging him.

He tried to get to me in hospital but was arrested.

I needed a major operation for my fractured femur and was left in constant pain. I also suffered with flashbacks and panic attacks.

We were able make a successful compensation claim on her behalf.

Injuries: Broken hip, panic attacks, scarring to leg

Compensation awarded: £4,550