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Attacked by a bus stop

I was on my way home close to a bus stop. I was approached by two young men. One of them asked where I was from and where I was going. At the same time they tried to reach into my pocket for my mobile phone and wallet.

When I stopped them one of them approached me from behind and started punching me. I felt severe pain in my mouth and fell to the pavement.

There was a second attempt to take my wallet. I started shouting and they ran away.

I realised my front teeth were gone. I called the police and was taken to A&E by ambulance.

I was in a bar and walked up the stairs to the toilets. I was with a male friend at the time and noticed there was someone behind us. The man was walking closely behind me and touched me. I turned around and he told me I owed him a drink. I ignored him and continued walking to the Ladies toilets.

I went into a cubicle at the end but the door did not have a lock. As I was sat down the door opened. I shut it immediately and pulled my clothes back on. At that point the man who spoke to me on the stairs pushed the door open again and entered the cubicle. He pushed me against the wall and proceeded to put his hands inside my trousers. I pushed him away with some force and was able to escape.

I ran to find my friend to tell him what had happened. A third party overheard our conversation and ran downstairs to the bar area. He saw my attacker and was able to detain him with the assistance of the door staff who then called the police.

I attended a consultation with a locum doctor at my GP surgery regarding an existing health problem.

The GP carried out an internal examination however I had concerns about the way in which this was done. I was a student nurse at the time and felt the way the examination was carried out was unusual. I was not asked if I wanted someone with me at the time.

Following the examination I thought I would be over-reacting if I queried the procedure that was done.

Around 18 months later I was discussing my GP surgery with some friends and was told that a locum doctor there was being investigated by the police for sexual assault. It was then that I gave the examination I had more thought.

Upon contacting my surgery and subsequently the police I found that the same doctor had been charged with a number of assaults.

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