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Hurt after breaking up a fight

Whilst waiting for a lift home outside a takeaway a couple walked by. The man became abusive and got involved in a fight with my brother who was there at the time.

I attempted to break up the fight. The couple left and we went back into the takeaway.

We left the takeaway to go meet our lift and the couple was on the opposite side of the street. The man became abusive again but we ignored him and carried on walking.

As we crossed the street we noticed a group of men coming towards us. We were both attacked by the group. I was knocked to the ground and was knocked unconscious.

I was sitting in a friend’s house with a group of 14 other people. A commotion broke out when a neighbour came to the door with her son to pick a fight with a person who lived in the house.

My friends and I tried to leave but I was head butted in the face. My other friend was pushed into a piece of furniture and I was head butted twice more. I fell to the couch and was head butted again. I left the house around 5 minutes later.

This is a victims account of being attacked in the street whilst walking home with his girlfriend

I was walking home with my girlfriend when I was confronted by a group of men.

The group started to taunt me as they walked closer. One male stepped forward from the group as though to calm the situation down, and placed his arm across my chest and started to push me away from the others.

At this point I had not noticed that the group had split up and there were now only two other males in front of me who started to walk away.

I thought the situation had calmed down and that my girlfriend and I would be able to walk home safely.

Unfortunately it was at this point when I was pulled and spun round from behind and punched repeatedly in the face. This knocked me unconscious, injuring my cheek and cutting my upper eye.

After waking up from being knocked unconscious I started to feel very sick and dizzy. An ambulance was called and I was taken to hospital.

We successfully won compensation for out client.

Injuries: Temporary numbness to the face

Compensation awarded: £1,500

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