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Clare's Law - More awareness needed for domestic violence victims

Why Clare's Law is in need of a publicity drive

Many people we come across on our helplines do not know about Clare's Law which is a crucial piece of legislation that allows potential / or actual victims of domestic violence to obtain details about their partners criminal past. Specifically in relation to whether there is a history of domestic violence.

This right to disclosure is literally a life saver as those that make the enquiry can gain access to a potential offenders history, thus becoming aware of the risk posed to themselves by continuing in the relationship. Despite the worthiness of the legislation very few people exercise their rights to access the information.

Only  4000 people used the process in 2019 when the latest figures were released. It is important that awareness of this scheme is promoted by all agencies and charities involved in domestic violence work.

We fully endorse the scheme and believe it to literally be a life saver in these very troubling pandemic times.

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