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Sexual Abuse

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19/11/2013        Kevin

To be brief, I was sexually mutilated by a NHS doctor as a baby at the instructions of my mother because of what could have only been her religious belief. My prepuce (foreskin) was amputated and it caused me great distress as I grew up to the point that I hated my penis and I grew to be a timid and frustrated wretch of a child. This abuse made sex difficult as sensitivity became less and less as I became older, it also became a problem for every partner and my former wife of many years. I was the only person in my family to suffer this sexual abuse as indeed my father and his father were intact. Later after I married my mother tried to embarrassed me in front of my wife by telling how I was born a contented but large baby but all of a sudden turned into a screaming monster that cried all night and slept by day. The full significance of this took many years to realize and put together the bits of the puzzle and to this day in old age there is not a day that passes where I do not feel anger that I was not protected against this vile sexual abuse. That's it (in brief) but the whole story is very long indeed and distressing for me to tell even as I approach the end of my life. What thoughts anyone, what can be done to help me or others that suffer quietly and so often afraid to speak out?