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Mistaken identity attack at front door

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01/12/2013        Anonymous

Bare with me here as some background info is required to gain a fuller understanding; A freind of mine, forced to move from a single bedroom home due to new rules of housing benefit had to move to a new home, to help curb the costs and to help me out as I was looking for a new place, we moved in together. His previous landlord told him he could use his last months rent to find a new place as long as he did it pronto, knowing housing benefit would no longer cover his rent and he didn`t want any fiasco of my freind deciding not to leave, this was done on the understanding he pay it back asap - a gentlemans agreement was as it was refered to in the text that I actually read for myself. Repayment was further complicated once having moved as the money intended to repay with was due to come from his benefit awarded monthly, which he had to reclaim for due to the move and the dwp took their time about it. My freinds previous landlord wasn`t prepared to wait any longer and so decided to force the issue without any real provocation. What occured next was not my freinds fualt I can assure you. One evening my freind answered the buzzer to the flat we had but was cooking, so asked me to answer the door as apparently we had a delivery, unusual you might think as we wasn`t expecting one, but only a week before we had a box of chocolates sent from the USA by an online gaming freind of his which was unexpected but had happened a number of times before I`m told(how else would his address be known?..), so naturally I answered the door......I step out of the front door into the hallway at the top of the stairs to meet the delivery man that my freind had just buzzed in, there where 2 of them, both appeared freindly and smiling and looked like they where dressed for the weather we where having, no apparent uniform but I thought nothing of it. The first bloke holds out an A4 sized jiffy bag style envelope which appeared bulkily packed, he asks me to check the details are correct - as I lean into read it he sneaks his arm behind me and drops onto me with a headlock while pushing me forward with his considerable bodyweight towards his partner in crime, who happily thrusts a kick into my body, I double up while trying to remain stood up. The next minute or so I spend on my knees trying to block the fast paced kicks, stamps and punches dealt by the two of them, soon enough I find myself facedown on the hallway carpet. At this point I`m in shock and manage to get myself up angrily shouting at them, demanding to know why they are doing this, at which point the response was "you owe person xxx, xxx amount of money", not oweing anyone any money or recognising the name I make it clear Ive only moved in a couple months ago, that they have the wrong person. They both look shocked - for a moment that is, the one doing all the talking then states that I know person xxx(my new flatmate), I state I dont(beleive it or not for some silly reason in that one instant I failed to recognise the name as my ears are ringing and my head pounding from the impacts). The response was to start hitting me again, this time I go down straight away and fail to make any recovery as my head is now being jumped on and stamped on, after a few seconds of remaining still and dazed I try to get back up as I can hear one of these blokes shouting through the front door to my flatmate, who sensibly had locked the door and called the police. I`m immediatly met with a flurry of kicks and stamps once again putting me right back down to my previous position. Maybe a minute or so passes during these kicks and stamps before they leave, though most are aimed into my neck, back and ribs. I get my flatmate to let me back in which takes a minute or two as he isnt convinced its just me, as I was unable to speak and could only make noises at him, I go to the bathroom and proceed to sort of spit the remnants of 2 of my backteeth into the sink while washing the blood from my mouth, coming to the realistation there is something seriously wrong with my mouth as I couldn`t actualy move my jaw. When the police arrive they actually think its a hoax!! There wasnt actually much blood and I`d washed it off pretty much, plus I rarely bruise or swell from an injury no matter how bad it is, Ive always been this way due to a lot of beatings as a youth, I think eventually your body must just learn to take it or something. They simply think I have some sort of illness as I can only grunt and moan and am pottering around aimlessly, completely stunned from my ordeal. One officer gets me to sort of focus and realises if everyone in there is calm he can make out what I`m trying to say, which is - I think my jaw is broke - I`m asked questions of name and age etc, non of which I can give the answer to because I`m so stunned I actually couldn`t think of the answers or understand what was even being asked. I spent 3 days in hospital in a lot of pain, when I go home my freind tells me of threats to us both for going to police and for the money owed. This continues so after 2 weeks we both move out, I move back up north and remain homeless for a couple of years, prob 6 months on a freinds sofa and the rest in the ymca hostel. Now I barely go out, have issues sometimes going through the front door and in general suffer from panic attacks and severe bouts of anxiety which appears to be fueling what I can only describe as an auto immune response, I have all sorts of medical issues popping up now, so much so my docs wont listen to my symptons as I turn up with them written as a list, prior to the attack I think I been to the docs maybe 3 times since I was a youth, this occured almost 2 years ago now and I`ve not long turned 36 yrs of age. I think the hospital I originally got treatment at missed things as I`m pretty sure I have at least 1 broken rib from the attack as I have a lump on one rib bone and one on the bone of my left forearm near the wrist. This past 2 years Ive been shaving my head so that if I get attacked again there is little an attacker can get purchase on, in doing so Ive noticed how mishapen my skull is. The hospital only xrayed my jaw, nowhere else taht I can remember. To top it off I didnt seek victim support initailly as I`m the type that feels unmanly if I complain, I`ve recently been in receipt of CBT which Ive been taken off as the doc feels its not PTSD and she had someone in more need of treatment than me. She reckons I don`t need EMRD and that myy reactions stem from my youth, I can sort of see how/why this conclusion is reached but don`t think its the case - after all Iv`e only felt this way since the attack, and through all the violence I`ve suffered in my life so far only on this occasion did I ever think I`m actually going to die - having your head jumped on repeatedly will make you think that I promise you.