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night out nightmare

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12/10/2015        L

I was feeling stressed and alone so I texted my work mate asking if she wanted to go town for a night out, she said yeah so then I got ready and met her had a drink then headed to the club in town in NG1. I then got a drink and headed out back for a fag as I was nervous as I don't go out at all, two guys approached us and we had a chat afterwards we headed inside and had a dance and got another drink and started talking to some people just socialising, afterwards I got myself one more drink as I only had enough for 3 drinks and then I lost my friend she had wandered off with someone we met so I got upset as I have anxiety problems and sat on my own in the corner and started crying then some guy came up to me and tried to kiss me I backed off and said I want to be alone he then tried again and so I said nicely I need to go somewhere so I hid behind some people and sneaked into the toilet panicing as he was strange, I locked myself in the toilet and rang my boyfriend and he wouldn't answer so I sent him a voicemail saying there's some weird guy following me and I'm so scared, 5 minutes later I heard the lock on the door making noise and suddenly this guy got into my toilet I don't know how but he managed to get it, I was so scared and tried to escape but I couldn't he was big built and I couldn't get out he started kissing my neck and then pulled my dress up and started kissing my breasts I was crying my heart out saying get off me get off me I tried to push him and force myself off but he kept hold of me he then turned me around and said its okay you don't need to cry, I said again get off me please!! And he leant my head down and held my neck and attempted to put his fingers inside me I released my arm and stopped him from getting any further he then took out his penis and attempted to put it inside my vagina I kept trying to move but he was strong and I was so scared he was going to do more than he was trying he then tried to do it again so then I used all of my energy and pushed him with one arm against his neck and said in his face get out now! I mean it get out!! He then said if you don't tell anyone I won't I didn't understand why he said that?! I then collapsed on the floor in shock I was having a panic attack I couldn't breathe then my friend somehow found me and took me to the bouncer and we then tried to find him only to realise he was gone, I then rang the police and went straight home. The police arrived at 7 am and interviewed me I described him and explained what happened, then had some sleep then went to the topaz centre the sexual assault place beside the police station and had to tell the story to two police investigators and had to tell it a few times, afterwards I then got asked to get swabs and give my clothes I wore that night I agreed as it would help against any evidence, afterwards I was allowed to go home to rest. The next day I had to come back to have the video interview I then had to tell the story in the interview room it broke me. After that I had to wait for news every few weeks and months and eventually they found dna and it matched the guy they found which was great news they interviewed him and he answered no comment. A few months down the line he admitted to sexual assault but denied anything else. I then had to do an I.d parade and Identified the right person he is now on bail and is waiting a preliminary hearing next month just now I have the waiting game because if he pleads not guilty my birthday is when I then have to go to court. Fingers crossed he does the right thing. To anyone who goes out in town be safe keep close to friends and make sure you watch your drink etc as you never know who or what people are going to do