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20/11/2013        Anonymous

hi , in 2000 when i was 12, i was in uk (im in iran now) and my mothers uncle had pop one night we went to there after that came back to grand mom home i drank and he had sex whit me i didnt say to any body but wrote letter to my friend in iran my mother and her aunt find that letter and ask me about it i was scared grabed letter an run away and went to friend home but i didnt say what happened just say i dont want to go back home they called to police my family come too, i remember that time clearly after that i said they make mistake nothing happened but my mother have argument whit her uncle nobody couldnt understand what they said but me .because my mother cant speak english. now im 26 and studied clinical psychology. he still live in uk and im in iran i heard that he was in tahiland had did the same mistake and when he had court becaus money problem the man who have problem with said my mothers uncle abused poor girl in the wain he bought from he. i dont know these news are right or wrong i want to protest. what should i do where should i start? would you mind to help plz (sorry for my bad writing) kind regard