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robbery and held at knife point

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17/11/2013        Dawn Lambert

Hi my name is Miss D lambert and i am asking if my daugther who is now 4 is able to claim compenstion for a voilet robbery which involed her my self and her older sister on the 5 of april 2012. it has been to court and the people am now doing the time. but it seems my youngest child has still got problem, she is slow on delopment and commuicateion and is being forward to some specialist i am wonder if is she having these problems because of what happen that day when she was 2yrs 6 mouths she has been having problems with her speach and laugue and has also been forward and been seen by a commuite pedatrishion which is now put my daugther forward to see CAMS. Could of what happened an afect and if so can i make a claim against it