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Nightclub attack

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07/11/2013        Anonymous

I was in a nightclub with friends. I left the club with one friend and walked about 100 yards from the club when a large group of boys attacked us. They grabbed my friend away and then attacked me, repeatedly punching in the face, as this was happening more people joined the group of attackers and continued to punch me. I was pulled to the ground where a banged my head on the concrete. They were kicking me when i was on the ground. I managed to get back onto my feet and they continued kicking and punching me. At this point a man on the street intervened to try and stop them attacking me. The attack had lasted aboout 5-6 minutes. After this I ran away with my friend and the group chased us. We got about 300 yards before the group caught us and started attacking again. This time, there was only 4 attackers. They started attacking us again, kicking and punching. This lasted about 2-3 minutes before the police arrived to stop the attack. The police then took me and my friend to the police station and got us medical treatment from paramedics.