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Sexual abuse from mums partner

04/10/2017        Anonymous

It started when I was 8 years old, at first it was things like he would have a bath with me but not do anything. Then he would say disturbing things to me. One night he pulled off my pj trousers an...

Domestic sexual abuse – This is my story

01/10/2017        Anonymous

I was with my partner for 10 years and it was ok to start with and after having our daughter he changed he was horrible but he said he was gonna change get the help he needed so it was ok I was pre...

Got out before it was too late

08/09/2017        Georgia

Am a young girl of 23 was with my partner for a year and a half known him since we were teenagers got together everything was good at first till a few month in then I started to notice he was check...

Rape sexual and mental at the hands of a monster

28/08/2017        Chantelle

I am wanting to let all the people out there that is going through sexual assault or rape or violence anytime in there life don't be a fraud to come forward as I have so many health problems and I ...

My story

31/07/2017        SM

When i was 6 years old, i lived with my father in essex with my brother. My mother had divorced my father and moved to gainsborough to get married to another man. At the age of 6 i moved in with my...

Don’t hide away

25/07/2017        KJJ

Sometimes people feel all alone after they have been sexually abused either if that's touching to more. Your not the only one who it has happened to there are people out there who will listen and ...