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Abused by family and their friends

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23/11/2017        Heidi

My name is Heidi I am now 22 and have a son of 7 months from the age of three I got sexually abused by my father and his friend this went on till I got taken away from them and put in care at the age of nine I spoke to the police and they said that it was my perents word aganiest there so I’m perents are still out in the street able to do it to any other child got hope there not , from getting abused it has affect me menatailly and physically I know Suffer from depression and PTSD and a hate my body as I feel like damaged waste but I am trying to fight it for my son sake people have just got to rember what ever you go through don’t let it affect the rest of you life like I have as now I have a mential illness and I’m to still scared of them I always watching my back and don’t like going out but just to rember no matter what you always come out stronger in the end and speak up if it happens to you .