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27/11/2017        Anonymous

I was abused by the son of my mums friend from age 3 to 12 (I'm now 40). I became a tortured alcoholic, for the majority of life after that. I fought to get sober when I was helped into rehab by my amazing parents and began to rebuild my broken life. Although affected by anxiety and depression, I was sober and felt i could finally speak up for myself and I decided to contact the police in september of 2016. They were incredible, especially DC Elinor Duke of South Yorkshire police. I say, fortunately for me because the person came clean and confessed to the detective what had happened so I was lucky - no trial. However, after the sentencing, I thought I would be able to move on but the reality is different. I am again temporarily incapable of work due to my mental health (still sober though!) and constantly feeling like I'm never going to be good enough. I'll survive but the consequences of being sexually abused are still haunting after all this time. I am so glad I went to the police and did it when I was ready as it gave me chance to stand in court and read my impact statement to his face, the most empowering moments of my whole life. I now know I can survive this.