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Sexual Abuse from the age of 8

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09/10/2017        Anonymous

I was abuse a cousin Phillip it started when I was 8 years old and he was 14. He told me it was a game of hide and seek, this went on for about 3 years I use to go to his house and spend a lot of time there playing with my younger cousin (his sister). I never told anyone about it until 2008 when my cousin (his sister) told me she had been abused by her own brother she was only 7, we never told anyone until 2016, the police arrested him and he was charged, 1 other lady who use to play with us in the 60/70s also came forward and he was charged for abusing her. There was a court case in July 2017 after a week they found him not guilty and his mother Teresa lied in court to protect her son she claimed I had never been in her house as a child despite the fact she was like a second mother to me growing up and I was always in her house, I could even draw a plan of the house and his bedroom for the police with all the items he had in his room (she disowned her own daughter when he was arrested) she refused to believe her son could do anything like this. She stopped talking to me and to my family who supported all 3 of us, the evidence to me was overwhelming, one of the victims we had not seen since we were in our teens but her evidence was the same, again he said it was just a game, but as the jury could not be 100% certain they found him not guilty, the only saving grace was his own brother said justice had not been done in court for the 3 of us, it's sad to say but his mother is a vile person who because her son is a business man and her daughter is a single mother and looked down on by her, so she put this evil monster first. I swear if I ever come into any money I will take a private prosecution out against him I know this will not let to prison but will hit him were it hurts.