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Abused by family members and friend

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06/12/2017        Anonymous

I was abused by 2 family members and 1 of there friends, from the age of 5 to 10, I kept my mouth shut has the family knew but favoured the boys so did nothing about it, even when my mental health worsend, but last year I couldn't handle the secrets, the control my family had over me, I couldn't live in a prison no more, so I reported it and a historic sexual abuse case was opened, it took 13 months for them to b found guilty nd 15 months to sentence them, but only 2 out of 3 got found guilty and send down, but all my family nd friends turned against me, iv had threats nd witness intimadation and even had writing on my window, I am unable to take my children to school because of my mental health so will be moving soon, but would I change what I did, not a chance, I broke free from my prison and will b starting a new life where no one knows me or can judge me and most off all from my poisonous family, the police were very helpful through it all and still checks up and contacts me time to time, it was scary reliving it but I got believed, I got to share my story.