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05/12/2017        Anonymous

At the age of 13 i met my father for the first time. Everything was grand and went well. I met him in the december. I went to stay with him january the 6th and thats when my life was over thats when the happy me went away. That night 6th of january he called me and asked me if i wanted to go and stay with him so i did. I was so happy to have met my dad so was so excited to stay. When i got to hia he gave me a glass of juice. As i was half way through the juice i started feeling drunk and my body felt weird /stiff in a way and when i tried to move i couldnt. He then asked me if i was a virgin.. an continued to tell me he had the snip and that i wouldnt ever get pregnant. I asked him what he was on about as he was my dad an a dad shouldnt say that to their daughter. He didnt listen. He smirked at me and lifted me over his shoulder up stairs to his bed i was terrified and crying hard. He then chucked me down on his bed and stuck his hand down my trousers and played with my vagina. I screamed at him to stop and leave me alone and stop. He didnt an wasnt for listening. He then went on to ripping down my trousers and he stuck his penis in my vagina. I will never forget the look on his face an i will never forget the pain i had. I was pushing him off me and screaming help and no no no!! Still he didnt listen. He laughed pretty much. I remember laying there feeling horrible dirty an numb.. numb was the biggest feeling and fear also. He eventually stopped and rubbed all his sweat on my face. The white bed sheets were bright red. I didnt tell the police until march 23rd. We went through court for months and months. Then the heartbreaking part was when he got let off with it due to not enough evedince . I was broken. I had to go on medication to keep me happy keep my moods in control. Help me sleep. Block it out. Im now 20 and its still the same. Still on medication. But hes now in jail. And im glad