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Teen relationship turns abusive.

February 5, 2023
Hi. This is my story. I was 15 years old when I fell in love with him. I was just in my last year of school taking my last exams. I fell head over heels for this bad boy. Things…

Sexually Assaulted after a night out

January 20, 2023
Me and my mates were getting ready for a night out to say bye to my best mate, who was leaving town. We got in a taxi and we went to a club called Retro bar, as you can see…

Raped by so called friends

November 25, 2022
When i was 19 me and a load of friends had been out drinking and to a club. We had a normal and fun night as usual with my normal crowd of friends. After the club closed about 15 of…

my uncle sexually touched me

November 6, 2020
hi, so this is my story. I had an uncle that was my favorite and i loved him so much and had so much fun with him. He and his wife loved me a lot even his daughter she’s 6…

Hammer attack

October 30, 2020
I was attacked in my own home with a hammer by my ex husband son and he bit my face . My own husband had been involved in drugs with his son . He threatened me with a hammer so…

Raped by male unknown

September 28, 2020
Sarah Daly
The male walked in my home I asked them to leave they refused force me to do sexual things to them and I said no that I was happily taken I asked them to leave another two times before I…
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