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Always watch your family members

08/04/2021        Anonymous

When I was al little gurl around 7,8 years old I was touched by my uncle but he would always touch my butt I just rolled with it till I heard what rape and being touch was but I still didn't do ...

Raped by so called friends

03/01/2021        Dee

When i was 19 me and a load of friends had been out drinking and to a club. We had a normal and fun night as usual with my normal crowd of friends. After the club closed about 15 of us left to c...

my uncle sexually touched me

06/11/2020        Anonymous

hi, so this is my story. I had an uncle that was my favorite and i loved him so much and had so much fun with him. He and his wife loved me a lot even his daughter she’s 6 and she adores me bec...

Hammer attack

30/10/2020        EH

I was attacked in my own home with a hammer by my ex husband son and he bit my face . My own husband had been involved in drugs with his son . He threatened me with a hammer so I would not tell ...

Raped by male unknown

28/09/2020        Sarah Daly

The male walked in my home I asked them to leave they refused force me to do sexual things to them and I said no that I was happily taken I asked them to leave another two times before I told th...

Childhood sexual abuse

10/06/2020        Anonymous

Myself and younger brother were sexually assaulted as children by a family member who was eventually sent to prison in 2016.We applied for compensation and firstly refused under same roof rule.W...