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Raped by male unknown

September 28, 2020
Sarah Daly

The male walked in my home I asked them to leave they refused force me to do sexual things to them and I said no that I was happily taken I asked them to leave another two times before I told them if they don’t that I can make an report to the police for trespassing they still refused they forcefully touched me in ages before removing my clothes as I was saying no they picked me up and throw me on my couch and raped me after they were finish they finally left until I phone the police as I was in shock frightened and was in fear for my life as I thought they come back and do a lot worse this has affected me emotionally physically and mentally. Has left being Suicidal and wanting to self harm and causing problems in my relationship and having fear around other males including Professionals and making me jump every time I hear doors opening and shutting.

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