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my uncle sexually touched me

November 6, 2020

hi, so this is my story. I had an uncle that was my favorite and i loved him so much and had so much fun with him. He and his wife loved me a lot even his daughter she’s 6 and she adores me because i used to go babysit her every day since i was 11 like i played with her and everything , even sometimes I didn’t want to go but i forced myself because i love them and wanna make them happy . In quarantine they started coming to our house and the slept the weekend but there’s this time that was different. It was at night we (me my brother my sister his wife his daughter and him ). Were sleeping in the same room the room was huge i was sleeping next to his daughter and he was sleeping in the bed infront of me. He called me to sit next to him in the bed so we could talk everyone was asleep he said he didn’t wanna wake them up so i trusted him and loved him so i went without hesitation we started talking we would tell secrets. then he said to me give me ur leg a little bit and he puts it in the middle of his legs i didn’t say a word back then and he started touching me in the middle of my legs i was wearing shorts so he tried to put his hand umder my short but then there was my underwear he couldn’t go under it and he was touching me and masturbating with my leg in his legs i was scared to make a sound so I didn’t say a word i was shocked. He kept doing it for one hour and a half. I tried to tell him i wanted to sleep but he said no stay and i stayed. Then i went to bed he started flirting and talking weirdly I started thinking in my head i said it must be a misunderstanding or idk i was confused. Then next morning my cousing she’s 20y old came and i told her the story without hesitation i was strong she was so shocked and she told me that w should tell an adult i said no because if someone knew the perfect family i had will be gone and I didn’t want that because i loved him and didn’t wanna let go of him but I couldn’t look at him i was disgusted. And he was still at my house so i had to look at him all the time. After, my cousin went home and we agreed on her telling her mother my aunt because she will understand she passed in a similar situation but not with a member of the family.
She and her daughter started crying so much and were so mad and she wished that her brother my abuser death. The night of the next day he texted me on my phone telling me that he misses me like crazy and some creepy stuff i was so scared so i told him as a joke that im gonna block him and i did. I couldn’t sleep till sunrise. here’s the worst. I woke up because of is beard on my face he was kissing me i freaked out AND HIS DAUGHTER WAS NEXT TO ME SLEEPING HOW COULD HE. weird things continued to happen and then he left. My aunt came to talk to me we talked to a psychologue he told us what to do and it was this day that i have felt the most pain in my entire life the days before i was in shock but this day was horrible i started crying and crying i was disappointed I couldn’t beleive why he did it why . And the family was broken. Then we told my parents he came and said that i was a liar but I wasn’t home so I didn’t see him i decided to see him and confront him my family said we ask the psychologue if its a good idea or no they didn’t want me to see him but i wanted to confront him i dont wanna confront him just to talk shit about him i dont want revenge i want him to feel sorry i want him to regret i want him to change and i wanna forgive him but ik thst nothing is gonna ever be the same anymore.

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