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Sexual abuse award calculator and advice on making a claim

We help people obtain criminal compensation following injury and mental harm sustained as a result of a sexual assault or historical childhood abuse. On this page you can find out more regarding the claim process and find out how much you may be entitled to claim by way of an award.

This is a safe place to receive private and confidential advice on a possible claim under a government scheme managed by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) who are part of the Ministry of Justice.

Key questions answered

The CICA process for abuse victims can be very tricky depending on the timing of the claim and the outcome of the police investigation. Historical child abuse investigations are complex in that they bring certain challenges for the police and the Crown Prosecution Service. Not all victims of crime will receive a payout because of the rules and conditions set out in the compensation scheme. Here we discuss some key criteria to give you an idea of the requirements.

How much can you claim?
You can use our specialist CICA Calculator tool below to determine how much compensation might be payable in your case. The calculator and the projected awards shown are based on the CICA tariff of injuries which the authority uses to categorise their payouts. The calculator is designed to give you an idea of the likely awards and is not to be deemed a guaranteed compensation amount.. You need to speak to a legal adviser to get a clearer picture of your likely award.

You must make a report to the police
To make your claim you will need to have reported your case to the police and allowed them to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter. The CICA need evidence that the crime occurred and that on the balance of probability you suffered harm as a result.

Be aware of the CICA application 2 year deadline
You have generally 2 years to make an application for CICA compensation from the first point you notify the police about the abuse. Or if you were a child at the time of the investigation you must apply by the time you reach 20 years of age (the 2 years period runs from when you turn 18)

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For help and advice on sexual assault or abuse victim claims please visit our dedicated pages:

What if you miss the deadline?
In abuse and sexual assault cases there is some flexibility for claiming beyond the deadline if there are exceptional reasons. One such reason can be ill health (including mental health) or if you have recently come through the criminal proceedings against the offender. We have seen that the CICA are prepared to relax the rule for these reasons but do not rely on this happening. You have to argue your case if the deadline is breached.

If the offender is found Not Guilty
This does not affect your rights to receive compensation. In fact in our experience any case that reaches court will usually lead to a compensation. The CPS clearly found the case worthy and there is no reason why the CICA would disagree. A bad day in court does not mean that your claim is going to fail.

What other issues can lead to a claim being refused?
There are some other areas of concern that might lead to a claim being rejected by the CICA. If you have criminal convictions that is likely to seriously prejudice your case. If you chose not to cooperate with the police during the abuse investigation that will also have a detrimental effect on any award decision. There may be other reasons for a claim being declined but these are the most common.

What if your claim has already been refused by the CICA?
It may be possible to request a review of the first (initial) decision if this has been recently communicated. You have 56 days to request that the CICA review their initial decision and the deadline for this will be set out in your decision letter. If you miss the review deadline – you can request an extension of time if you have good reasons for not making your request any earlier. Again ill health is one such reason for making a delayed review request. If the review process fails, you are able to lodge an appeal via the First Tier Tribunal (Criminal Injuries Compensation) service.

We strongly recommend you receive legal advice before submitting your case to the CICA 


Sexual Abuse and assault compensation calculator

Our simple calculator tool below has been developed to provide prospective claimants with an idea of the abuse compensation award that might be achievable under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) scheme. The calculation is an approximate figure and any final abuse related award assessed by the CICA may differ. You should always seek advice on your case to ensure the correct level of award is paid. Historical claims of this nature are complex and need specialist advice.

In order to calculate your award please choose a category and follow the instructions.

Injury type:

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Making a claim for sexual abuse

If you would like to discuss your case informally without any obligation – call our confidential helpline and speak to a specialist adviser. Whatever your circumstances and whatever the complications we can usually find a way forward to help you make your claim.

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