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Abused by family members and friend
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This service is managed by Criminal Claims Bureau. We help people obtain criminal compensation following injury and mental harm sustained as a result of a sexual assault or historical childhood abuse.

For help and advice on sexual assault or abuse victim claims please visit our dedicated pages:

Our simple calculator tool below has been developed to provide prospective claimants with an idea of the abuse compensation award that might be achievable under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) scheme. The calculation is an approximate figure and any final abuse related award assessed by the CICA may differ. You should always seek advice on your case to ensure the correct level of award is paid. Historical claims of this nature are complex and need specialist advice.

In order to calculate your award please choose a category and follow the instructions.

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Making a claim for sexual abuse

In order to make a claim for sexual abuse or historical child abuse you must meet certain criteria set down by the governments compensation body known as the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

It is crucial that you report the abuse to the police. If the matter has already been the subject of a police investigation and criminal proceedings, then you need to be aware of important deadlines for making a claim. You must make your claim within 2 years of going to the police or if under 18 at the time, by the point you reach 20 years of age.

There are some exceptions to these rules. Speak to us for further information and advice on your particular circumstances.

Call our helpline for advice today on your case tel: 01423 593002.