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Sexual Abuse and Assault Claims - Your Guide to Compensation

Abuse compensation claims advice

If you have been the victim of sexual abuse or a sexual assault either as an adult or a child, you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation under a government scheme. NO court proceedings and NO cross examination or stressful procedures.

Call our helpline and speak confidentially to our abuse claim specialists on 01423 593002 or you can TEXT us on 078600 17163

Our team of compassionate experts can guide you through the process and speak to you in complete confidence. Call us for a no obligation discussion about your case, we will confirm your options and discuss your entitlement to make a claim.

** BEWARE ** of strict claim deadlines. Get the advice you need before it is too late.

What you need to know - updated advice on abuse claims UK

Your Rights

Survivors of sexual abuse or assault may be eligible to make a claim for compensation against the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). This government run body manage a scheme that allows for abuse compensation payments to be made but only in certain circumstances.

To make a claim you must in most cases:

  • Report the matter to the police
  • Make your application to the CICA within 2 years of the crime
  • OR within 2 years of first reporting the matter to the police
  • OR by your 20th birthday

Are you too late? This page might help. Or if you are unsure why not use our time limit Deadline Calculator. You may wish to calculate your potential compensation award here.

BE AWARE: The CICA do have discretion to override these conditions and you could still make a claim on appeal. Get in touch - we handle all claims including appeal cases and have high success rates.

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To check your eligibility, read our case study page or use our time limit calculator below. It is possible to extend the time limit for claiming if you can show that there was a significant reason (eg: ongoing mental health issues) for not being able to claim earlier. More here on the unfair sexual abuse claim deadlines.

If your case involves historical abuse taking place in the 60s and 70s you may be caught by the 1979 Rule. Please read our dedicated page on this issue.

It is very common for victims particularly in relation to childhood abuse to keep what happened to themselves and many choose to come forward some time later as adults. Even if the sexual assault or abuse took place years ago you may still be eligible to claim compensation either by way of a CICA application or perhaps a civil claim against an organisation you may hold accountable for your pain and suffering.

How long do you have to claim compensation for child sexual abuse?

Use our unique "Claim Time Limit Calculator" below to work out approximately when your deadline for claiming compensation might be. How long you have to claim will depend very much on your circumstances. It is strongly recommended that you seek specialist independent advice on your case. The calculator tool provides only a general overview.

OUT OF TIME FOR CLAIMING? - Get in touch - Many cases can be successfully appealed.

Call us to discuss your case today - 01423 593 002 or complete our enquiry form

Sexual Abuse Survivors Guide


    In recent years there has been a change in the public mindset when it comes to discussing sexual abuse or historic child abuse. What was once a taboo subject, no longer is. It remains a hugely difficult area not least for those who suffered the abuse, but changing perceptions have led to more openness and that is a very important step forward.

    Victims of abuse are now quite rightly referred to as “survivors”. This term is one of respect underlining the fact that anyone who has suffered abuse in childhood ...and lived through it, should not merely be referred to as a victim. Surviving abuse is in itself an enormous personal achievement, overcoming trauma that few can imagine let alone cope with.


    As we have said, it is not easy making the decision to explore a claim of this kind but our specialist staff at the Criminal Claims Bureau aim to guide you through the process to achieve what we sincerely hope will be a very positive outcome. Your questions answered on our Abuse Claims FAQ page

    Litigation claims against an organisation

    This route is potentially open to those who were owed a duty of care by an organisation, business or other public body and where it can be shown that the body failed in its basic duty to protect you (or a loved one).

    A good example of this type of litigation would be the group action being taken by the victims of Jimmy Savile against public bodies such as the BBC and Stoke Mandeville Hospital (one of a number of hospitals being sued). Schools and local authorities including social services also fall into this category.

    Legal aid is available but the availability of this type of funding is much reduced. No win No fee agreements with specialist lawyers is also available.

    Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA)

    This body administers a government scheme that provides compensation (without litigation or court action) to innocent victims of crime.

    This option is open to those who fit a very specific but quite simple criteria. It may apply to those suffering from abuse within the family or involving friends, acquaintances etc. You can also claim if the litigation route for applicable cases proves to be unsuccessful.

Call our helpline and speak confidentially to our specialist advisors on 01423 593 002.

Please be aware of crucial claim deadlines that apply.

For an informal and confidential chat about making a claim for sexual assault and/ or abuse, please contact one of our experienced advisors on 01423 593 002 or alternatively please complete our online contact form.

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Every abuse survivor has their own unique footprint. Every story is very different and yet has one consistent feature that will apply in almost every case.... being let down by an adult or an older person that you trusted. Coping with abuse in later life or indeed dealing with abuse whilst it is happening presents a colossal challenge.

Help is available and there are a number of dedicated services which can provide support and guidance to those survivors who need it. Here are just a few based in the UK:

Published: 11 September 2017
Updated: 07 January 2018