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Reports of sexual assaults within schools number 5,500 over three years

In a shocking report from the BBC it has been found that more than 5,500 incidents of sexual abuse were recorded by the police across the UK during a 3 year period. Around one fifth of the incidents were said to involve "peer on peer" assaults meaning the rest of the offences were potentially committed by adults.

Jon Brown, head of Sexual Abuse Programmes at the NSPCC, said: "These figures are very disturbing, especially as many victims are so young and the reported offences took place on school premises. Sadly, we are not surprised as previous NSPCC research has illustrated the scale of abuse committed by young people." Further details will be revealed once the analysis is completed by the BBC.

Parents often assume that when their kids are at school, they are kept safe. These statistics will pose many questions about just how safe our schools are for our children.

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