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Reports of child abuse rise by more than 30% during 2014

Recorded sexual offences against children rise by 8500 compared to previous year

In what can only be described as very welcome news, the number of recorded sexual offences against children in England and Wales has risen by more than 30%.There were 31,000 offences recorded in the year up to April 2014, up 8,500 on the previous year according to the NSPCC.

Thanks to the publicity arising from the high profile cases more and more victims (we prefer to call them survivors) have been seeking help from the authorities. The increase to April 2014 comes in the aftermath of the Jimmy Savile scandal and numerous others that encouraged people to come forward. It is also the case that police authorities now treat such enquiries seriously whereas in the past they have been criticised for a lack of interest.

More can be read about this story on the BBC website.

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