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NSPCC release statistics revealing the facts and extent of child abuse in the UK

The childrens charity NSPCC have put together some insightful facts and figures regarding the subject of child abuse and neglect in the UK.

In a revealing infographic the charities findings reveal a few startling statistics which make you wonder about where the police focus should be when faced with the huge problem of abuse in this country.

Around 90% of children who are victims of abuse suffer harm through someone they know. This suggests that all the money and resources going into celebrity abuse cases along with considerable budgets and focus, perhaps could be better targeted elsewhere. However well intended the investigations are, many family orientated abuse cases are potentially being neglected.

One third of children suffering abuse will not tell an adult. More than 14% of callers to the NSPCC helplines last year were ringing to discuss abuse.

More depressingly, the number of sexual offences against children reported to the police last year topped 36,000.

We can and should do more to fight child abuse in the UK. Police resources need to be correctly allocated and children living on fear in their own homes should not be forgotten.

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