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Goddard sexual abuse inquiry could lead to 30,000 new police investigations

Police could be investigating 200,000 new abuse cases by 2020

The public inquiry into sexual abuse being chaired by Justice Lowell Goddard is currently referring 100 new cases every month to the police for further investigation.

Whilst only part way through her wide ranging inquiry that covers alleged institutional abuse across the UK, the wealth of evidence being received from victims, witnesses and other contributors has led to a surge in police activity. It is expected that by the time the inquiry is over at least 30,000 new criminal investigations may have commenced by the police across the country.

For legal advice on your compensation rights following sexual abuse as a child - please visit our dedicated advice page.

Reports of abuse including historical cases has become far more common now as survivors come forward with their stories. People are no longer hiding in the shadows but instead are seeking help, support but also justice. One commentator has suggested that there may be 200,000 new investigations within the next 4 years.

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