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Goddard Inquiry turns into a shambles as the Chair quits

Dame Lowell Goddard quits but MPs demand answers

The ongoing increasingly controversial Inquiry into child sexual abuse involving public bodies and public figures today took another twist. The chairperson of the inquiry, Dame Lowell Goddard has decided to resign from her post after only 15 months at the helm.

The inquiry had been dogged with controversy and alleged cronyism during its early phase but Dame Goddard seemed to have calmed the waters and conducted matters in an orderly and very effective manner. She had received plaudits from both victims and the police for the structure she had brought to the proceedings. It was believed the great progress was being made although the inquiry was still expected to last 5 or more years. So the resignation has come as a great surprise to many.

Shocked MPs have asked Dame Goddard to provide a full and detailed explanation for quitting as her letter of resignation did not go into specifics. Victims support groups have conveyed their dismay at events and have underlined the importance of getting the inquiry back on track for the benefit of the many thousands of victims who have come forward during the investigation.


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