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Campaign targets lack of support for abuse victims

Childrens charity aims to improve support for abused children

The NSPCC this year commenced a campaign entitled "Its Time" focusing on the lack of care and support for children in the UK who have suffered from sexual abuse.

They quote a shocking statistic that 9 our of 10 children who suffer abuse will go on to have mental health problems as an adult. The message being that if we do not help these children now, there will be a much heavier price to pay in later years.

The government has failed to invest adequately in mental health / counselling support for vulnerable children. The NHS do not have enough specialist clinics or hospital wards to look after the number of patients under 16 who require mental health support and treatment. The NSPCC quote this on their website which underlines the aims of the campaign:

It's unacceptable that a child who has lived through abuse needs to be at crisis point before they get help. It has to change. And, together, we can make it change.  

For more on this ongoing campaign you can visit the charitys website NSPCC - Its Time

If you or a loved one have suffered from sexual abuse as a child you may be able to claim compensation. Please contact our team for a discussion about your legal rights.

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