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Atmosphere of fear at the BBC allowed stars like Savile to do as they wished

An atmosphere of fear and adulation at the BBC allowed stars like Jimmy Savile to do as they wished, abusing young vulnerable fans almost at will.

Dame Janet Smith released her long awaited much leaked report today following an investigation into the culture and failings of the BBC that allowed stars such as Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall to commit sex crimes.

The report which can be found in full here focuses on the conduct of the BBC during the 1960's, 70's and 80's a period that was dominated by stars such as Savile and Hall.

An atmosphere of fear and adulation seemed to override any controls or management of the top stars who lauded over executives and young impressionable members of the public alike.

The report which was released today 25th February 2016, paints an extremely bad picture for the BBC and suggests many recorded incidents were glossed over or not taken seriously.

For those subjected to sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile or any other celebrity during this era, compensation may be awarded for any harm caused. Make an enquiry with our team today.

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