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Kinsella Family Upset after Latest Compensation Payout

The recent case where compensation was awarded to the family of one of the murderers of teenager Ben Kinsella has highlighted the discrepancy between payouts from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and other compensation claims.

Ben, the brother of former Eastenders actress Brooke Kinsella, was murdered in 2008 in an unprovoked knife attack and his parents applied for compensation under the scheme. They received the fixed bereavement award of £10,000. However, their upset was magnified by the recent news that the father of one of the youths convicted of their son’s murder has received double that amount from the Metropolitan Police due to injuries caused.

Michael Alleyne Sr, received the amount after he sustained a broken ankle and an eye injury when police raided his flat on the morning after Ben was killed. He also put in claims for negligence, trespassing and post traumatic stress disorder. The case shows the marked difference between those payouts from the CICA compared to those cases which proceed through the courts.

The CICA, both administered and financed by the Ministry of Justice, was set up to compensate those who were the unfortunate and blameless victims of crime for any physical or psychiatric injuries sustained as a result of violence. It saw its budget cut in changes made in November last year which has seen a reduction in the number of awards it can pay out for victim injuries.

Those wanting to claim under the scheme, who have been the victims of a violent attack, need to have a unique police reference number, their GP’s details if they were treated for an injury, the name of the person who caused the attack, if that is known to them and the date of any court proceedings.

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