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Young boy to be awarded up to £27,000 compensation

A young boy could be eligible for up to £27,000 in criminal injury compensation after he was attacked by another three year old boy in 2007.

Jay Jones was hit 11 times with a car jack and suffered a gash to his head. His claim was rejected twice before the ruling, as his attacker could not be prosecuted due to his age. The ruling in favour of awarding compensation came after solicitors argued that an attacker’s age was not relevant.

The award to be made is for the psychological trauma suffered as a result of the attack. The total amount to be awarded will depend on psychological tests to assess how badly the boy has been affected by the incident.

The minimum amount he could receive would be £1000, which is the lowest tariff level available under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority scheme. The highest level allows for up to £27,000

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