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Wide ranging review of existing rape case ordered as police face strong criticism

Rape victims and support charities dismayed at the news current rape cases to be reviewed by the police

In a shocking revelation the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Alison Saunders announced on Friday evening that all existing rape cases in England and Wales were to undergo a review. This followed weeks of speculation that some rape cases were being mishandled by police as they were accused of not providing full disclosure to the defence.

A number of high profile cases have been reported in recent weeks underlining the alleged tactics used by the police relating to fair disclosure of crucial evidence. This negative publicity is extremely damaging not just to the judicial system but also to victims, many of whom may now face a postponement of their trial. Worse still many genuine cases may not proceed due to police mistakes or tactical measures that they have taken to frustrate the defence.

This is an appalling situation and one that will have a huge impact on victims and on their faith in the police to deal with their case effectively.

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