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Twitter to help in the fight against online bullying

The fight against online abuse being helped by Twitter

The online social media platform Twitter has confirmed that they are in talks with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in England & Wales to help train prosecutors in the fight against online bullying.

Despite the recent changes in the law to prevent so called "revenge porn" the fact is that many other forms of online bullying go unnoticed by the authorities as perpetrators hide behind the huge weight of social media traffic and the use of fake user accounts. Twitter has agreed to help train key people within the CPS to help with enforcing not only the revenge porn laws but also other forms of bullying as the online world continues to be used as a weapon by many disgruntled ex or indeed current partners.

The move comes as the CPS concluded a successful prosecution against the rapist based in England who abused 5 women he met online via a dating website. It took the police a considerable length of time to join the dots and make the necessary connections between the events. Multiple user accounts were used and this led to confusion during the investigation. With the help and full cooperation of the online services, it is hoped that any future criminal activity can be dealt with more swiftly.


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