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Operation Hydrant sexual abuse investigation said to involve up to 300 celebrities

3oo people involved in Operation Hydrant are said to be of celebrity status

The head of the police investigation set up in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal and the initial Yewtree probe has revealed a startling number of "famouse people" may be involved in the proceedings.

Operation Hydrant was set up to follow on the work started by Operation Yewtree, with specific focus on tackling organisations alleged to have been implicated in historical abuse cases. In addition to dealing with state institutions the probe also handles allegations against prominent people who have or once did have celebrity status.

More than 300 people fall into this category and it would seem that we are braced for further revelations about who may well be involved. Policitians, members of the aristocracy along with major celebrities are potentially implicated. There are said to be more than 2000 people under suspicion as enquiries continue. Incredibly the investigation involves 756 institutions or state organisations.

More revelations will follow as and when Operation Hydrant unfolds.

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