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Domestic Violence - offenders to be given counselling

Domestic violence abusers to be offered support

In what may be deemed a bold move, men who are considered at risk of committing domestic violence assault on their family or loved ones, are to be offered 1-to-1 support in order to change their mindset.

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A new initiative is to be piloted by two domestic abuse charities SafeLives and Respect in Essex, Sussex and South Wales. The hope is that by re-educating offenders or providing anger management techniques, they can change the way they approach situations that lead to a violent or abusive reaction. The pilot will be called "Drive" and will focus on rehabilitative rather than punitive measures.

Incidents of domestic violence are surging in the UK at the moment with an estimated 1.6 million nationwide occurring yearly, the majority of which go unreported. Whilst keeping victims safe remains a priority, the shift in strategy focusing also on the abuser could well prove to be an interesting experiment.

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