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Councils failing to tackle abuse to avoid problems with their insurance

In what seems a remarkable and deeply depressing story, it has been alleged that some local councils in the UK have failed to investigate reports of abuse to avoid insurer scrutiny and keep premiums down.

In a BBC investigation it has been found that a number of insurers have placed pressure on councils both before and during complaint investigations, very often steering the procedures which potentially had an influence on the outcome. What is alleged is that councils were constrained by the insurers in a way that may well have inhibited their ability and their willingness to tackle the abuse issues in a thorough way.

In the wake of recent scandals and the new era of openness we are in regarding sexual abuse and the need to report criminal activity this news does not promote a positive view of either the councils involved or the insurers. One should have an interest in safeguarding its residents and council tax payers, the other should not restrict serious potentially criminal investigations to benefit its business interests.

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