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Assaulted whilst on the way to a nightclub

I left a nightclub and was on my way to see some friends at another nightclub nearby.

The next thing I remember is someone standing above me being verbally abusive. I do not remember much about the assault but was told that I was severely kicked in the head.

We had ordered and were waiting for a taxi. The taxi was not far away so we made our way to the pickup point.

My wife and her friends were walking a few yards behind us when a group of youths used very abusive insulting language towards them.

I turned to inform them that the way they were behaving was out of order. They then began to confront me and my brother verbally. Before I knew it I had been hit from the side.

My brother was in trouble with around 5 or more youths surrounding him. I proceeded to remove my brother from harm when I got kicked from behind to the ground. The youths proceeded to kick and punch me on the ground.

I was driving home and was assaulted whilst at a red traffic light by a youth on a moped.

There were two youths on mopeds who overtook me, shouting abuse and making gestures. They proceeded to turn around and came to my open window as I stopped at the lights. One of the youths punched me in the face and took my car keys.