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Assault whilst on holiday

This is the account of a criminal injury victim whilst he was on holiday

Whilst on holiday in Scotland I was the victim of an unprovoked attack by two of a group of four men.

My assailants knocked me to the ground, kicked and stamped on my head.

As a result of the attack I had a reaction relating to my Epilepsy and my heart stopped three times. I was given CPR at the scene, twice by one of the men and later by the police.

The attack was witnessed by three people. Paramedics took me to hospital and I was later transferred to another hospital. I needed three surgeries in the space of three weeks.

Injuries: Broken jaw

Compensation awarded: £3580

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Here is a case study of a victim assaulted whilst playing an organised game of rugby

The victim here was a rugby player who competed at a very high level. He was attacked whilst playing against a lower ranked local team in a cup competition.

On the opposition was a player who he did not know and had not encountered previously on the field of play, struck a blow to his face that broke his jaw.

The incident occurred off the ball and was deemed by witnesses to be unprovoked and completely unsporting. Despite the fact that the claimant was playing a physical sport, the injuries suffered were solely as a result of malicious wounding and nothing at all to do with the general rough and tumble of a rugby match.

The police pressed charges against the assailant following the cooperation provided by the victim and the witnesses.

We dealt with the criminal injuries compensation claim under the CICA scheme. The claimant recovered an award of £3850.

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