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You think you can trust family!

August 21, 2018

Knowing my nephew hadn't had the best bringing up and me moving away I always wanted to make sure he new I loved him. We invited him to come to our for Christmas, bought loads of extra presents as he didn't get much for his mother anyway we set up a double blow up bed in my daughters room and my daughter had her bunk bed everything was going great until one of the night's (Christmas night) my husband went into the bedroom to see if they where sleeping and my 6 year old daughter was in bed with my nephew, she jumped up and ran to her bed and all he said was "sorry" " sorry" my husband came down to tell me and I just shook it off thinking no way, I will talk to my daughter in the morning and she told me everything that she was told it was a science experiment for school! And it happened every night he was here! How as a mother could I not keep her safe! How as a mother could I not notice this was happening to her

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