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06/07/2017        Anonymous

So I'm walking home, a little drunk, fuming at my boyfriend for leaving me to fend for myself... I see a man across the road from me and ignore him, thinking to my self "he try's to come near me I'll walk him one" .... I'm nearly 5 minutes from home, I hear footsteps behind me, he puts his hands over my mouth, and pulls me to the floor. What happens next is a blur, I remember my pants being torn away, pain, feeling embarrassed, screaming at the top of my lungs and kicking... Kicking and screaming to try and get him off me, Anyway I managed to get away, not quite sure what had just happened but I ran all the way home, called the police and waited, and waited, where were they? I'm not allowed to have a drink, or change out of my dirty clothes. 2 hours passed they finally turn up, take my "dirty" clothes away from me and tell me they will do a patrol of the local area. 9am comes, I'm waiting to be picked up my a detective inspector to visit the, clinic, I'm throwing up. I've had swabs, Dna samples, only now, 8 hours later am I allowed to shower. I'm back home now, on diazepam, I think this is supposed to make me feel ok? I'm not sure how I feel... I'm not sure of anything anymore, anyway... I'm going to get on with my life. It's been a few weeks, the police have come and gone, there doing "everything they can " I'm scared, he has my handbag with my personal identification In, I ask them " what if he knows where I live " ... "Don't be silly he's more scare of you than you of him" I'll never forget those words, I later find out he lives in the next street. I've moved house, away from my family, because being abused by his sister isn't ok. The police visited me and asked " can't you move jobs". Am I the victim or am I the criminal? We're around 18 months on now, I'm sitting in court, in the public gallery, because the police didn't see me worthy of being in protection, or even being worthy of being told of this court date, indefinite sentence they tell him, I've looked over once or twice but he won't look at me... It's been 4 years.....