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Ultimate betrayal

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16/06/2017        Gemma

It was Christmas night 2015, I was 16 then. I was raped by somebody I believed to had been my very close friend for months. All along he had been planning on raping me and then killing me. There was a car waiting outside to take my body away in but I luckily survived and escaped. I had to go for swabs and interviews, give the police my clothes and explain the terror I had just been through. I can't tell you how awful it was not being able to shower/bath until all the swabs were over with. He was arrested and kept in cell for all of 6 hours before he was released, he then did a few weeks on baklava before they decided there wasn't enough sufficient evidence for the case to make it to court. That broke me. For months after and still to this day I'm being stalked and abused by him and his evil cronies, I'm trapped in a nightmare.