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Siblings fight leads to biting injury

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16/01/2014        Anonymous

i git a phone call from my mother worried that my nephews were at risk as my sister was partying and taking drugs so my mum asked if i would go to her house and ask if we could have the boys for the weekend (which we have had to do on more than one occasion) she has allways agreed in the past so thought it would just be a normal pick there bag up and them and go to my other sister whom lives just across the road from her but on this occasion my sister after me knocking on the door come out of the house with a metal bar and swung it back to hit me but i blocked it with my hand and that resulted in a burst knuckle then i tried wrestling the bar off her, when the rest of my family seen what she done( as they were watching from my other sisters house) they come running across to help she attacked all of us but especially me, and then when my brother finally managed to get her to let go of the bar she stood up and i asked what she was doing she then proceeded to launch at me but with her mouth open and before i knew it she had her teeth sunk into my left breast, it hurt so bad i tried pulling her hair to pull away from me but this just made her bite down harder that lasted for what seemed an eternity and i honestly thought she was going to take a huge chunk of my boob. it was only when my brother managed to get her to let go by holding her throat, the police charged her and she is in prison on remand for other offences too plus what she did to me. the police took photos of the wounds i incurred and took staetments nobody but she was charged.